Monday, 6 October 2014

13 Days of Halloween - Nire's Desire Bums and Plums - Witch's Tights

Hi Goddesses

I have a super fun Halloween mani for you today.  It's another one that's easy to do, IF you're ok with striping tape.

The base for this polish is an absolute stunner that I was sent for review by Nire's Desire.  It's a stunning deep purple holo that's perfect for the witching season.

The real charm of Bums and Plums is the red spark that lights it up.  I loved how this stayed hidden in some lights, so that I was just wearing a brilliant bruise of a holo, and then in other lights, really ignited, suffusing the polish with the most awesome glow.

I have a thing for purple and red - I think it's a killer combination, and this polish is just stunning.

I then added some striping tape on 2 of the nails to make some witch's tights haha.

I love how rubbery the finished result is - I would totally wear these!

The more eagle-eyed amongst you may notice I also managed to gradient the purple, with it paler at the base and darker at the tips.  Well, I wish I could take credit.  

You know how they say, wait until you mani is COMPLETELY dry before you apply tape?  Mine clearly wasn't.  The strips at the base were the last ones I removed, and you can see how they lifted up more polish.  Now, I was lucky, I got away with it, but I wouldn't recommend you try it as a technique!

You can buy Bums and Plums from the Nire's Desire store HERE.  This polish was sent to me for an honest review.

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