Thursday, 23 October 2014

13 Days of Halloween - Zombie Skin!

Hi Goddesses

I love me some good blood and guts manis lol, and whilst I can't compete with some of the incredible ripped nail manis I've seen other bloggers do, I quite like the subtlety of this one.

This is partly inspired by The Walking Dead, partly inspired by patchwork designs, and partly inspired by a monster who might have to stich pieces of skin together if we wants a whole body ..... happy Halloween hahahha.

Quite a few polishes were involved in the making of this mani.  I wanted the skin to look dead, gangrenous and bloody and unhealed, all at the same time.

My base was Pandora's Polish Chai Latte, which I sponged over (not entirely) with white.   I then added splodges of Cadillacquer When You're In Hell, Only The Devil Can Help You Out, and Run, You Clever Boy by Digital Nails.  Both are slightly gangrenous polishes - one being green with reddish shimmer, the other sheer ruby with green shimmer.

When I was happy with my base, I added my scars and stitching in Cadillacquer You've Got Red On You, a brilliant dark (dried crusty blood) burgundy, with red glitters.

I wanted a mizture of effects - stitches, tears, gouges, oozing, scars - pretty much as disgusting as I could manage.


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