Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Digit-al Dozen DOES Floral - Splash Floral Tribute to The Lacquerologist

Hi Goddesses

Happy Hump Day everyone!  As I just realised, the best thing about Wednesday is that it's Thursday tomorrow, which means we're practically at the weekend lol.

Today's mani is one I have been meaning to do for aaaaaages.  Emily of the DD has a signature mani she does on her blog, and I have always loved it for it's imprecision and simplicity.  She calls it the Splash Floral and you can frequently see it on her blog, The Lacquerologist.

I used all Barry M polishes for mine - Coconut for the base, Pink Punch for the ... er, pink, and Elderberry for the blue.  The black outlines came via acrylic paint.

I started with a very small piece of sponge and some tweezers, and dabbed my polish on.   I then took the polish as sparse as it would go to create the very fragile splattery edges of my flowers.

I then used the acrylic to create my petals (as you can perhaps tell, these are MUCH easier to draw at the tip of the nail than at the cuticle end lol) and finally used my drying brush to dab in the centre of the flower.

I'm so happy I finally did this mani.  Emily has done endless variations over the last year or so ... and now I will be doing too mwahahahahah.

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