Friday, 17 October 2014

Digit-al Dozen DOES Florals - Candy Corn Roses

Hi Goddesses

We take a Halloween-y turn for my final nail art of the week, and be warned .... it's pretty much mostly Halloween stuff now for the rest of the month (with a couple of other bits rammed in too).

This started with the glory of the base polish, one of Cadillacquer's Halloween polishes, It's In Here With Us, which is just one of the most perfect polishes I have come across.  It's a perfect orange, with scattered green glitters.  Truly breathtaking, and you can see it in all its glory soon.

On top of this amazing base, I sponged some white polish and also some yellow (the new Barry M Mustard).  As you know, I hate yellow polish, but it really makes this sort of mani pop.

If you look closely at the mani, you can still see some flecks of green glitter peeking through from the Cadillacquer, and I love this - it's like a secret :)

The roses pattern is one of my favourites, from MoYou Princess Collection 12.

And is it just me, or do the colours remind you of a tiger too?

Thanks for tuning in for DD Week - we'll be back in another month, and next time, our theme is Thankfulness.

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