Friday, 31 October 2014

Digit-al Dozen Spooky Days - The Disappearing Cat

Hi Goddesses

And so we close at the open, to paraphrase JK Rowling.  This is the very first Halloween mani I did, and I still feel it's the best, in terms of imagination and execution.

I hope you understand now what I meant about hating the cutesy Halloween stuff.  Hopefully you've seen that Halloween can still be dark and gothic, and cats are definitely part of that.

Initially, the whole of this week was going to feature witches and cats, but in the end, I got inspired by too many other things, so maybe next year.

This mani was completely inspired by the base - Girly Bits Protect Your Girly Bits.  It's a stunning purple, and here I have it matted for maximum drama.

The day I wore it, I kept seeing it as the perfect Halloween sky, and then a sickly moon started to take shape in my head.   You know how obsessed I am with cats, and when I thought about what silhouette I'd put in front of the moon, there was only one choice :)

How he became The Disappearing Cat is just one of those pure whimiscal moments of imagination, but it felt right.  He's magical, and when he's had enough - poof!  he's gone.

This mani has a special place in my sentimental and witchy heart, and I *think* I did it justice.

Thanks for following us this week and I hope you've enjoyed all the Halloween posts you've seen this month xx

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