Saturday, 25 October 2014

Halloween Cadillacquer - You've Got Red On You & When You're In Hell Only The Devil Can Help You Out

Hi Goddesses

I have another 2 Cadillacquer Halloween specials today.  This has been a really glorious, dark, yet colourful Halloween Collection.  Polishes by a maker with an artist's eye.

You've Got Red On You you've seen before, as the base of my Halloween Blood mani.  It's an almost black polish with red and pink shimmer and glitter.

Sadly, this polish didn't translate well on me.  I struggle to wear blackened bases, and this was no exception.  I think it's a skin tone thing, but it doesn't look this dark on anyone else I have seen wear it.

The polish was also more opaque than I expected, which meant I lost the majesty of the glitters.  I hoped it would look like the over-lighted brilliance of my bottle shot, but all I saw was molasses.

I DID like it better when I matted.  Ironically, on my skin tone, matte-ing it brought it to life lol.  I think it suits me better matte, plus it highlighted the shimmers.

Plus, it looks proper Halloweeny matte :)

When You're In Hell Only The Devil Can Help You Out is a stunner.   This is a dark deadened green, made morbid and rotten by the addition of some fantastic flakies.

Seriously, it's like gangrene in a bottle and I LOVE IT, even if, again, it didn't love my skin tone.  I am growing to appreciate greens (especially when they have this sort of complexity), but it was just off-tone for my skin.

That said, the beauty of this polish is astounding.  The contrast of the dark green and the baby pink flakies is to die for.  This is one really special green.

These polishes were purchased by me.  Cadillacquer is one of my very favourite brands, and I seriously recommend you go and check her out.  Oh, but one word - once you start, seriously, you won't stop ;)

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