Sunday, 19 October 2014

Halloween Glam with Illamasqua

Hi Goddesses

It's been a busy Sunday in the nail room preparing for Halloween.  I have some cool and ghoulish designs for you, but first, something a little prettier.

You may remember this gradient from a couple of weeks ago, featuring Illamasqua Poke, Ruthless and Obsess.  I absolutely loved it, and the drama of it, and started turning my hand this way and that and then this way and that way .....

Purple always draws me to my witchy heart, and I decided this gradient was something a witch might do to glam up a little on date night, or disco night :)

I thought she'd also stay a little gothic, so I drew some chunky spiderweb patterns over the top, so that any wizard who hit on her would know who would end up tangled in whose web :)

There's just something about this that makes me smile, but whether it's the mani or the whole soap opera I've made up behind it, who knows!

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