Wednesday, 1 October 2014

MOD Lacquer - High Strangeness, Interstellar Artifact, Aerial Phenomenon

Hi Goddesses

Happy Hump Day peoples!  It's starting to get dark and depressing in the UK.  Right now is when I start envying all the Oz girls doing their summer challenges lol - ah, neons.

Anyway, I have 3 polishes for you today from MOD Lacquer, which were sent for review.  All had great formula.  All were amongst the bendiest holos I have ever seen (look at the rainbow rings in the bottle shots) and NONE of them needed top coat for these photos (which explains the tiny dent on my index finger, sorry).

High Strangeness is a super-bendy silver lilac.  This was fairly opaque, and I am sure all 3 of these polishes will stamp well for that very reason.

This looked a little bit different under different lights - sometimes more silvery, sometimes more lilacy.

For those of you still lusting over OPI DS Original and struggling to justify the cost, this is a really good option.  It's less "fine" in terms of the holo pigment used, but very similar in tone and colour.

Interstellar Artifact is a nice warm gold, that looks especially lovely with the dink on the nail.  Dammit, I really wish I'd re-done it.  Sorry.

This is somewhere hotter than gold but cooler than copper, and really interesting as a result.  It's very autumnal too.

This is just so warm and cosy - it speaks of toffee, golden liquers and snuggly evenings.  A lovely glow of a polish.

Aerial Phenomenon is a lovely pink.   Again, this one tries to twist colour on you - sometimes it's definitely darker than at other times.

This is a lovely rose, but with enough cool raspberry edges to make it interesting.

I think this would be really dull if it was "just" rose-pink, but those ice blue tones really add it to its allure.

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review and can be purchased HERE.  For the longest time, Jennifer didn't ship outside the US, so I am delighted she now offers international shipping. I've bought from her before and it's a quality product at a good price.

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