Monday, 27 October 2014

Nire's Desire - Aqua Viridian

Hi Goddesses

Sometimes, as a blogger, you get lucky.  You develop a great working relationship with some of the polish makers you work with, and one day they say - I'm sending you some new polishes, they don't have names yet tho, can you name them too?

Can I ever? Well for a wordy Crumpet like myself, that's just like asking me if I would like to eat free Chinese all day.  Duh!  Soooo exciting.

And here was the first of them.  I eventually settled on Aqua Viridian as the name because this polish has a personality disorder - it veers from dark green to aqua shimmer, with many stop off points in between.  It was also a cool play on words with "ante meridiem".

So you know me and greenyish polishes, but this one is fascinating enough to keep me quiet.   It's like a living gradient on the nail, flashing from green to sea-green to toxic in the blink of any eye.

It's an utterly bewitching polish - the aqua shimmer sometimes seems to sit on top of the polish, like poisonous pond scum circling the seaweed (oh yeh, I get well into this one lol).

I then stamped over it using one of my favourite MoYou plates, Sailor 05.

What I love most, is that it looks like I am wearing a gradient under the stamping.

Stunning - you can buy Aqua Viridian and all manner of other loveliness at Nire's Desire HERE.

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