Friday, 3 October 2014

SIMPLES Week 12 - Dotticure with Saran Wrap or Splodged Base

Hi Goddesses

We now enter a brisk 3 week rotation on Simples without videos, because all 3 posts are about using what we've learnt so far to layer your look.

To prove how easy it is, we're going to dot over various types of bases, and today we're dotting over a Saran Wrap or Splodged base - I have used the Splodged base I did for Week 9.

I've then added dots on one side of the nail - I actually did it because I was a little bored lol, but I think the effect is actually quite cool.  I don't often do half-and-half, but this works for me.

Dotting over some sort of base is one of the easiest ways to do simple nail art that looks more complex.  It's also a great way to get more than 1 day out of a mani.  You can add your dots a day or 2 in.

Here's some other versions you might like.

dotting over a glitter base

dotting over a more sparsely splodged base

Don't forget to post your look in the Simples nail art group

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