Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Meets 13 Days of Halloween - Ghosts

Hi Goddesses

Today's design draws from a technique I have seen a lot lately, and one very specific mani I saw on More Nail Polish.

The technique involves dotting the nail with very thinned out polish or acrylic paint, and soaking up the excess with a cotton bud.  Once it dries, it creates this amazing see-through effect.

You've probably mostly seen it as bubbles, but a couple of weeks ago, Cathy used it to create ghosts for the Supernatural prompt in the 31 Day Challenge.   Because she is way more talented than me, her shapes look human, whilst mine look .... let's be kind and say scarily inhuman lol.

I think I was scared of the runniness of my acrylic paint, and that I wouldn't be able to control it enough to create a defined shape.  My first nail was the middle one, and you can see how I just chickened out and went for an amorphous blob lol.

By the time I'd got going, I felt more in control, and I LOVE my cat. I added some red eyes for max spookiness - this is definitely a technique I'll be returning to.

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