Sunday, 12 October 2014

Witches Night ... A Mani Where Everything Went Wrong

Hi Goddesses

Today I have a post of sooooo many stories, it's hard to know where to start.  Firstly, this post features 2 polishes which were sent to me by, a fantastic nail e-porium that I am more than happy to recommend.  Loads of choice, and really reasonable prices.

Secondly, it's a tale of an awesome mani .... which ended in tragedy.  Ok, first things first.

The 2 polishes used in this mani are Barry M Mustard and China Glaze All Aboard.   Mustard is from the latest sextet of Barry M Gellys and you won't believe this - even though I hate yellow, I immediately wanted this polish.

It's a darker egg-yolk yellow that I would never wear on its own, but which will be perfect for nail art.  It's also a yellow that I feel blends better than some of the sunnier shades.  Usual perfect Barry experience - no issues to report.

I paired it with All Aboard.  You know I have a massive weakness for purples, and smokey ones especially, but this one left me cold.

Although it's a "nice" shade, it's not amazing, and it did my number 1 pet peeve of being a lot darker on the nail than it is in the bottle.  Application was fine, but I expected to be more wowed by the colour.

I then gradiented them to make a midnight landscape, and then started my stamping.  I chose my burgundy Konad polish rather than black, just to add a hint more creepiness.

Here's a walkthrough of the images used - 

* thumb and index - MoYou Gothic Collection 04
* middle - Winstonia W221
* ring and pinkie - Winstonia W116

Now at this stage, and you'll have to believe me, my mani looked awesome.   Exactly what I wanted, a behind the scenes peek at what witches do on Halloween.

And then it went wrong.   I've had an issue lately where glossy nail art doesn't photograph well, so I added my usual matte top coat - OPI.  2 things happened which have NEVER happened before - firstly it STREAKED, and secondly, it deposited white flecks on the ring and pinkie nails.

Then I cleaned up.  Could I get that burgundy cleaned up?  Could I heck as like.  So that's why I have bloodied cuticles.  So all in all, I ended up with a mani that I loved that was a hot, matte, streaky mess.

I'm still sulking.

* Barry M Mustard and China Glaze All Aboard were provided for my review - you can purchase them HERE.

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