Tuesday, 18 November 2014

#52WPNMC - Book - Divergent

Hi Goddesses

It shows what a bad planner I am that last week I did a mani celebrating books, and this week another challenge has a book prompt.  You'd think I could have synced them up, eh?

I've had in mind what I would do for this mani for quite a while, so behold, the symbols of the factions in Divergent.

I read Divergent earlier this year and ROMPLED through it, and its sequels, falling in love with both the world that was created and the man candy of Four, the very definition of the strong silent hero who REALLY knows how to kiss lol.

To be fair, I am not a massive fan of the film - I think it missed in so many ways, and I am disappointed they think the last book can be a 2-part film, when the first is WAY richer.

For me, the 2 leads didn't really work.   Shailene lacks the vulnerability of J-Law and the guy who played Four just didn't have enough rawwwww for my liking.

Still, perfect book candy - treat yourself :)

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