Tuesday, 25 November 2014

#52WPNMC Brush Stroke with the new Polish Bar Winter Collection

Hi Goddesses

Today you get a sneak peek of the new Polish Bar Collection, which you will see in full swatch-o-vision at the weekend.

The collection is very Christmassy, and one of the polishes makes a perfect base AND topper, so of COURSE I had to play lol.

The base of this mani is a semi-opaque white holo called Starlight, with brushstrokes of 4 other polishes on top.

Brush strokes is NOT the same as distressed nails.  With the latter, you have to wipe your brush, but with brush strokes, you're just swiping.

I was worried the mix of dark polishes and gloss top coat might not do the mani justice, so I decided to matte it and try Starlight on TOP.

Janice describes Starlight as a polish that can be worn on it's own or as a holographich topper, and I really like how a few swipes of it here really dialled down the melodrama of some of the colours, and evened the pattern out.  See, lovely playtime!

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