Sunday, 23 November 2014

#52WPNMC Wild Animals with The Shapeshifter

Hi Goddesses

I'm a little shocked that I ended up with this for my Wild Animal prompt, as it wasn't my intention lol.  I think I assumed I would have some Big Cat nails, but as soon as I wore The Shapeshifter by Darling Diva, I knew what I wanted to do.

I hate snakes.  I mean HATE.   Can't bear the thought of them, can't even LOOK at them, so snakeskin nails have never ranked high on my list of nail art to do. However there was something about the colour of this green which made me think "now's the time".

For this mani, I blobbed my stamping plate with various colours to create a smoosh effect.   One of these photos is BAD, but you can see what I was doing.

The stamp is from MoYou Pro 04, and I used The Shapeshifter, my khaki Konad and Color Club Kismet.

I absolutely loved how it turned out, and there's a glassy and spectral quality that I wasn't expecting.  However, the pattern was a bit more hidden in the photos than it was on my nails, so I added matte top coat.

I do love how a matte top coat instantly focuses on the pattern.  It's like it strips away everything non-essential, and just leaves you with what you should be looking at.

The snakeskin pattern is now clearer, and the texture looks more like a snake, but does it look as sexy as the glossy version?  I'm not so sure.  I do love them both though.

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