Monday, 24 November 2014

Barry M Paprika Roses

Hi Goddesses

I didn't buy all the Barry M Autumn Gellys this year - a couple of them seemed dupish - but I was very drawn to Mustard, Chilli and Paprika.  They fit perfectly as a trio, and today Paprika gets her own show.

Parpika is a colour I have sought for a long long time (as a lipstick too lol).  She's off red, with brown tones, terracotta tones, and smells of the earth.

I love that she has heat, but that it's subdued.  She's bright, but muffled.   She's intense, but a little faded.  She's always one click shy of "in your face", and that plays well.

To spice her up (cough), I splodged with Mustard and Chilli to create a dappled effect on my nails and then stamped with MoYou Gothic 07, a lovely roses pattern.

I've mentioned before how yellow is a nail art essential.  Even for those of us who HATE the colour, there's no denying that here, in the stamping version, it's the yellow that brings it to life and lifts it to glory.

Stamping on splodging remains my favourite nail art recipe - if you haven't given it a go yet, do it!  It'll make you smile :)

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