Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Devilishly Irresistible December of Crumpet!

Hi Goddesses

I hope you're ready.  I mean like SERIOUSLY ready.  There is a whole lot of awesome coming your way over the next month.  

So, count down to Christmas at The Crumpet, where we have -

* 25 Days of Bloggers - my favourite 25 bloggers of 2014 - one a day, just for you.  I just want to stress, these are NOT in any order of preference!

* My Year in 2 polishes - 20ish indie makers choose their favourite AND their best-selling polish of the year

* the results of the 3rd Annual Crumpet Readers Poll

* my round-up of the year

* not 1, but 2, nail art challenges - both the Digit-al Dozen AND #52WPNMC are live in December

* plus reviews!  Makers still keep a-making!

December is my favourite blogging month of the year - I really hope you enjoy it.  If you need me, I'll be the exhausted one in the corner :)

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