Monday, 10 November 2014

The Digit-al Dozen DOES Thankfulness - Beth

Hi Goddesses

Oh wow, do I have a week of compromised nail art for you lol!  Some idiot / genius (me) suggested Thankfulness would be a great theme for November, as so many of our readers celebrate Thanksgiving.

Turns out Thankfulness is not so easy to translate onto the nail, and what you end up with is a whole stream of things that you genuinely ARE thankful for - chinese food, a specific moment in time, how someone made you feel - that cannot be artified.   The risk then, is that you compromise (as we often do with fave book / film prompts) and try and create things that are PAINTABLE rather than truly emotive.

And then you have to hope they work as a skittle, rather than just looking like a pinboard of paintings by 5yr olds.  Sheeeeesh!

We start with my beloved Beth, all 11 years of her.  She is my beginning, my end, my glory.  She's sooooo like me it's untrue, but she's also nicer, more considerate, and gentler.  And probably less annoying :)

The middle nail is for love - and what a great stamp that is from Winstonia plate W207 - and similarly, the ring finger is smiles and laughter.  I'm a big believer in laughter helping you get through life, and me and Beth often have giggling fits, breathless sessions and laugh til we cry.  (Cheeky Jumbo plate 4).

My daughter is animal CRAZY and has been since she was born.   From Day 3 I said she would be an actress or a vet, and I still don't think I'm wrong.  The thumb then shows her heart (via LLC-A), covered in paw prints.  There's not an animal show she hasn't watched or an animal that she doesn't know the in-depth history of.

On the index finger we have her beloved Pumpkin, who died last year.  I think children under 10 form a very special relationship with animals, and Pumpkin was Beth's soul-mate, bed-mate and all round cuddle monster.  There's definitely a Pumpkin-shaped paw print on Beth's heart.

And finally, that "oooh what shall we do for the last nail" moment.  On her pinkie, she has the number 3.  It seems to figure large in her life. Her DOB is 03.06.03 and she was born at 11.22am, which adds up to 33.  Her father and grandfather were born on the 3rd, and my mother died on the 3rd, and she has 2 step-brothers (not mine), making her 1 child of 3.

Does this mani represent my gorgeous girl?  Mostly.  It is true to her, but there should probably be some more nails showing a nose stuck in a book, or an 11 yr old endlessly watching re-runs of Friends.

I love her so.

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