Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Digit-al Dozen DOES Thankfulness - The Word

Hi Goddesses

Today we turn to what I think is at the core of my being - the love of the written word.  I am so thankful for the pleasure that reading gives me - the ENDLESS pleasure - and also the way I can get lost in the joy of writing.

My earliest memories include reading - Enid Blyton, mainly - and I remember being a voracious reader who had to read books over and over again.  That hunger has never waned, although sadly, I find depression has a major impact on my ability to just sit there and soak up a book.

Lately I've been loving YA stuff, mainly, I think, because it just zips along, and there's a breeziness to it that generally makes it a quick read.  I've loved Divergent, The Maze Runner, The 100 oooh and We Were Liars.

My true love though is poetry, and they do say a poem a day is a great way to fight depression.   My imaginary self (the one that's also rich, slim and does yoga), spends days swaying in a hammock, using the pencil that was also knotting my hair back off my face, to decipher the tangle of words and underline the especially visceral ones.  Sylvia Plath remains the most mesmeric writer I have ever encountered.  I know she's not everyone's cup of tea, but she was the one who taught me what a punch a word can deliver, and I think she taught me well.

I've written lots of things over the years - 500 pages of a novel I never finished, poetry, the opening pages of books I bored of before I could get them written or imagined - and you'll find lots of writing on this blog too, probably more than any other nail blog, and not all of it nail related.  In fact, the first dozen things I ever posted were just writing, no nails.

I'm particularly proud of the Depression pieces I've written, and how people have identified with them, or felt less alone because of them.  The pinkie nail is a homage to that corner of the blog - with the green colour for depression just creeping in around the edges.

So, a quick canter through the nails - 

* thumb - Blogger symbol
* index - a bookcase
* middle - writing, courtesy of MoYou Pro 07
* ring - a bunch of Tulips, courtesy of MoYou Princess 12.  Tulips are the front cover of Ariel by Sylvia Plath.  Tulips is also my "gateway" Plath poem and the moment I fell in love with her writing style
* pinkie - also from MoYou Princess 12

Also, this mani is my first one using Sharpie pens for nail art - I used them to colour in the tulips (and then watched in horror as they turned from red to orangey-red after a coat of Poshe), and also used them for the spines of the books on the bookcase.

Overall, I really love how this turned out - and hurrah - it actually feels like it fits together!

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