Sunday, 21 December 2014

2014 Crumpet Readers Poll - Your Disappointments

Hi Goddesses

Although this poll is about celebrating the good, inevitably, there are things in the year that weren't so good.  Products that failed to deliver, bloggers who went missing .... so much happens that it's important to record it ALL.

I'll be doing a separate post of my own disappointments, for the moment, here are yours, with any comments of mine in blue - 

Polish Brands - generic thoughts

Bondi New York (technically the end of 2013)
Catrice's wonky brushes (at first only the LE had them, nowadays most do)

Chick Nail Polish discontinued
we should probably add the end of My 10 Friends Nail Polish to this list too :(
Just about any CbL polishes
Leopard Spot Glitter

mainstream brands aren't that exciting - yup, I agree with you there.  OR there are a couple of great polishes only in a largely mediocre collection

Mainstream brands- OPI and China Glaze really let me down AGAIN
new OPI DS polishes
Revlon scented range - scented polish is *never* good.  The bottles looked fab tho.

Sinful Colors being discontinued

There are just SO many indies out there now, it's hard to keep track, and so many similar/dupes of a polish colour and it's hard to pick which one will be the best

Using glue as a basecoat for glitter polish - really?  I still love this!

super-small stamping images on some plates - yup, I hear ya!
So many UK indies closing :(

Summer collections in general this year
Quirk (and most other great UK indies) being shut down :( - there will be a separate post about this

Polish Brands - specific thoughts

Barry M Autumn Silks

Bliss Kiss Nail Oil.  I did the 3 day challenge and my nails started peeling like crazy and my cuticles didn't look any better!  WAAAAHHHHHH!!

China Glaze I Choose Choose Choose You, underwhelming :(

Discovering Emily de Molly's "Monet Gardens" but it is ALWAYS sold out in its US suppliers (Australian brand)
EP monthlies

Fandom Cosmetics - my order took 3 months to arrive and one of the polishes was so thick it was unusable, and the brush was ruined too.  Ok, I debated whether to include this, as I have no experience of Fandom Cosmetics, but I decided to keep it in to highlight the importance of customer service in general.  Every brand has hiccups and hopefully this was a one-off.  Surely no brand with a logo this cool can be anything other than good?

FUN Lacquer thermal Do You Be-leaf in Magic

IsaDora - Peel off base (it peels of too good, too soon)

Opi Glitter Off - I actually love this product

OPI Peanuts collection - yellow polish? don't get me started

OPI sheer tints - oh wow yes, I hated these too!

Pueen encore double sided stamping plates. A mess in my book.

Zoya Natural Collection
Zoya textures

Zoyas latest Magical Pixie Dusts that didn't dry matte like the first two collections


Buying a polish after trusting a blogger swatch but ending up with a completely different color! I hear ya, that is probably THE worst blogging crime.

Gnarly Gnails seems to have stopped blogging... was one of my favourite blogs - my thoughts exactly.  Missy was one of my closest friends in the blogging world, and even *I* can't get hold of her.  All I can tell you is that in the summer, real life intervened and she absolutely had to put that first.  I haven't heard from her for a long time, so I don't have any update beyond that.

Polished Perfectionist quit...Swatchaholic and Polished Elegance don't post enough anymore....Chit Chat Nails switched from square to almond-shaped nails.

Although you've expressed disappointment over specific polishes, it seems the biggest disappointment we experience is LOSS, either the voice of a blogger we have come to rely on as a friend, or a brand we have trusted and invested in.

Sadly, it can't always be positive, but luckily, your joys far outweigh your disappointments, and we'll be looking at those very soon :)

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