Friday, 26 December 2014

2014 Review of the Year - Great Nail Polish Collections

Hi Goddesses

This is a different little post.

This year, I think we've had some great COLLECTIONS of polishes, superb releases which have really worked individually and as a group of polishes.

For me, a great collection has to have synergy and be capable of being used together.  These are the ones that did it for me.

OPI Brazil

One of the best collections OPI have done in AGES, this was the perfect blend of summer awesome and beach tones.  And look how beautifully they played together!

Literary Lacquers - A Wrinkle In Time

A beautiful collection of brights, again, these just played off each other stunningly.  Just looking at them as a family inspired me.

Darling Diva - The WitchEE Collection

As great a collection of holos as you could wish for.

Different Dimension - The Cosmologically Speaking Collection

Ah, this just blew me away.  So much win here.  This collection was a birthday present to myself, and I STILL haven't finished with it.  Endless combinations possible.

Arcane Lacquer - Perfect Imperfections

Ugh, the glory of this collection!  Such amazing colours!  The depth, the drama, the drool!  Sorry, I er, kinda like them :)

Ok, you can mop the drool up now :)

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