Monday, 29 December 2014

2014 Review of the Year - The Indies - Part 1

Hi Goddesses

Ok, I really struggled to work out how to celebrate the indie year of 2014.  I feel it has been a great year in so many ways, and so many polishes have excited me.

However, that's where the difficulty lies.  So many have delighted me, that I either need to write the world's longest post, OR risk omitting the achievements of some of my friends.   Argh, so difficult.

So, here is a hodge podge of my thoughts on this indie year, and at the bottom, I will shout out all the indie brands I have used and loved this year.  There will then a separate post for my indie brand of the year.

The Big 3

For my money, there are 3 Grand Dames of the indie world.   One of them is one of the original indie brands, one of them has ruled the roost for a couple of years, and the third this year leapt into this elite group.

The Original

Pam from Girly Bits is the first indie I was ever aware of.  She has gone from strength to strength over the years and has had another cracker this year, particularly with her 80s inspired collection and her "What Happens in Vegas" releases.

KBShimmer has been at the top of the pile for a long time.  For me, Pam and Christy are so far ahead of the rest of the competition.  They are very professional, release large collections and are always on trend.   KBShimmer again have not put a foot wrong, and it was great to see some non-glitters this year.

And the 3rd lady to barge her way into this company?   Missi from Different Dimension.   DD is a brand I have followed for 2 years, but this year, I think she has really shot into the big leagues, specifically with the release of the 14 piece Cosmologically Speaking collection.

Crammed with shimmers, duochromes, holos and glitters, this collection took my breath away.  I bought it at the same time as the OPI Gwen Stefani Collection and the difference in imagination and scope really hit home.  DD got her collection right in every single way - subtle, crazy gorgeous and bold polishes with a variety of finishes - whilst OPI released the same old, including 73 billion reds.

With a release as good as Cosmologically Speaking, who needs OPI?   Bravo Missi.

New Kids on The Block

I want to shout out here to some amazing brands which have been new to me this year and blown my socks off.

Arcane Lacquer.  Colours to die for - so saturated and rich and filled with flecked or shimmery goodness.

Powder Perfect - there's a vintage feel to this brand which is amazing.  Again, super intense colours with imaginative use of flecks and flakies.

Nire's Desire.    I've loved working with Erin.  It's been great to work with a new brand and bring it to an audience, and it was a thrill to be able to swatch a polish and then name it.  Great bold colours.

Collection of the Year

There is some tough competition here - Different Dimension Cosmologically Speaking, Powder Perfect Abandoned Mansion - but my favourite was the Wrinkle In Time Collection from Literary Lacquers.

I loved the bold colours, but more than anything, I loved how the polishes complimented each other.  I hate collections where the polishes all seem individual and unconnected.  The great collections for me now are the ones where there is a synergy between the colours.  Perfect collection, even the yellow!

Brands I Bought Oodles of But Didn't Use

I am guilty of having the biggest untried pile in the world lol, and I really need to start tackling it in 2015.

This year I bought LOADS of Elevation Polish and Pahlish but barely used them at all.  That needs to change, as they are too pretty to sit huddled like penguins in a box.

I feel in love with Indigo Bananas too this year, mainly because Andrea seems that little bit ahead of the curve, and releases interesting, complex polishes before the masses do.   Great colours, great finishes.

So, here are all the indie brands I bought or reviewed this year - 

Above The Curve * Arcane Lacquer * B Squared *  Cadillacquer * Dance Legend * Dark Metal Lacquer * Darling Diva * Delush Polish * Different Dimension * Digital Nails *  Elevation Polish * Glam Polish *Girly Bits * ILNP * Indigo Bananas * Lacquer Lust * Lilypad Lacquer * Liquid Sky Lacquer * Liquidus Nail Gloss * Literary Lacquers * Loaded Lacquer * Mod Lacquer * Nayll * Nire's Desire * Pahlish * Painted Sabotage * Polish Alcoholic * Polished by KPT *  Powder Perfect * Renaissance Cosmetics * Smitten Polish * Superficially Colourful * The Polish Bar * Too Fancy Lacquer

Thank you to all of you for making my year so colourful and happy :)

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