Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2014 Review of the Year - My 2 Indie Brands of the Year

Hi Goddesses

This is a really tough post to write.  You all know how many indie polishes I get through, and trying to choose my favourite brand this year has been nigh on impossible.

In the end, I have narrowed it down to 2, based purely on which brands made me gasp the most times this year, but seriously, I could have picked 5 without a problem, so to Different Dimension, Arcane Lacquer and Literary Lacquers, sooooooooo close.

The first brand I want to celebrate is Cadillacquer.   Stunning polishes.  Just stunning.  And pretty much the only brand that can still make me buy glitter.   I don't even know if I am doing a favourite indie polish list (as I don't have a clue how to narrow that down), but if I do, these 2 will be high on it.

Survivor is just an epic purple of such melodrama that if I were the sort of person to wear polishes more than once, I would have by now lol.

And It's In Here With Us is just utterly perfect.  A delicious orange base with small green glitters, this was released for Halloween, but I know I'll be wearing this all year round.

There were also holos, and amazing shimmers.  So many times I painted my first nail and giggled with joy or ooohed with pleasure.

The only other brand that has taken my breath away as many times this year is Darling Diva.    I have been buying Carrie's polishes for years, but this year, she / Mr DDP have been creative evil geniuses releasing collection after collection.

The main reason for her success this year is 3 holo collections she released - The White Witch Collection -

The WitchEE Collection

and the Salem Collection.

Beyond that there have been flakies, multichromes, shimmers, just all sorts of alchemic goodness.

Again, if I get round to a best indie polish list, Darling Diva will feature multiple times - just don't ask me to choose a favourite!  Well, maybe The Alchemist.   Or Bewbs.  Or The Alchemist lol.  But those Bewbs .....

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