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2014 Review of the Year - My Favourite 14 Polishes of 2014

Hi Goddesses

Today is one of THE posts of the year - what were my favourite polishes.  

I'm going to tell you straight away, they are ALL indies.  I haven't bought that many mainstream polishes, and those that I have, I consider to be mainly nail art polishes.

So, where to start?  Well, my initial list was 43 polishes long.   Yup, so THAT wasn't gonna work.   Then I realised there were 5 key top polishes, so I debated a Top 5, but that seemed too puny.  So then I thought of a Top 10 and some honourable mentions ..... and THEN I realised last year I chose my 13 of 2013, so behold, the 14 of 2014 !!

The Ones That Didn't Make The Top 5
* in no particular order*

Nire's Desire - REVEL

Not only is this a STUNNING polish, but it had so much impact when I posted it.   It was a joy to introduce a brand to an audience, and create a swatch that everyone drooled over.

Celestial Cosmetics - BlITZEN'S BUDGIE SMUGGLER

I am a sucker for many types of polish, but a dark, vampy, purplish holo?  Sign me up.   There were loads of fab ones this year, including A Currant Affair by Too Fancy Lacquer, but this was the one that stole my heart.

Indigo Bananas - HOLE IN THE SKY

This polish literally made me purr with pleasure when I put it on.  Pure lilac perfection with added shimmer and flakies.  Wow, what's not to love.

Nire's Desire - PRANA

Prana or Indian Summer by Crow's Toes?  Both are stunning but for me Prana had the edge.  I love when red and purple co-exist, and in Prana they will forever :)

Literary Lacquers - THE ULTIMATE OUTLAW

Rich, sea-jewelled perfection, the aquatic beauty of The Ultimate Outlaw was summer perfection.  Cool and hawt in equal measure.

Celestial Cosmetics - MEN OF MAYHEM

Another stunner from Nicki, this again fell into one of my "must have" categories - pink-magenta-holo-bomb.   There are no words, just drool.

Indigo Bananas - MOLTEN UNIVERSE

What's better than a stunning orange polish?  One that contains lemon and pink fizz of course!  It's all about the shimmer in this polish ... maximus gorgimus.

Literary Lacquers - STRONG STEADY HAND

A clear winner from the Wrinkle In Time Collection, SSH is summertastic.  Juicy and succulent and fizzing with holographic micro glitter.  Scorchio.


Stunning in a thousand ways, this wins in its overall jumble of gorgeous ingedients.  It's a little bit holo, a little bit micro-glittery and a little bit flakie.  Added together, it's a whole lot schexy.

The Final 5

Cadillacquer - IT'S IN HERE WITH US

An orange polish littered with micro green glitters may not sound like a Crumpet-y polish, but this polish stunned me like a stun gun on max stunning power.   Delicious.

Cadillacquer - SURVIVOR

Purples don't come any more ravishing than this glitter perfection from Cadillacquer.  Darkly midnight, infused with the violet scatter of a million stars, this is poetic in the extreme.

Darling Diva - THE ALCHEMIST

The perfect red holo has been one of my holy grails since I can remember, and many times, I have thought I have found the perfect one.  I was so confident, I had called off the search, and then THIS landed.  This exquisite, tantalising and YES goddamn sexy beast.   This polish is EVERYTHING.

Darling Diva - ROOM'S ON FIRE

Another holo-bomb of astounding beauty and goodness, ROF just takes the breath away.  AND puts a smile on my face.

And finally ... consider these a joint entry ...  there are 2 other polishes I have loved this year, but not been able to get a semi-decent photo of.  Again, they both made me gasp, and whilst they may look the same, they are, in actual fact, *similar* :)

Pahlish - Sarey's Berry

and Pahlish Petropolis

OPI, next time you're debating how many millions of reds you can release in a year, just take a look at some of the above ... and think again.

Now all I have to do is remember to wear these again before next year's sarcastic Where Are They Now post gggrrrr.


Since I wrote this post, I have been using my untrieds for the 31 Day Challenge.  In doing so, I have discovered 2 utter stunners, which really need to be mentioned.

First up, Purple Queen Anthias by Elevation Polish - utterly gorgeous, incredibly intense, brights turned up to 11.  This fuchsia / magenta is incredible.

And secondly, Rebecca, Always Rebecca by Literary Lacquers.  If I'd worn this before I wrote the post, it would definitely have made the final 5.

In some ways, it's a bit like someone put Survivor through the blender and added holo sparkle.  It's that same spectral combination of plum base and violet sparks.  Just, wow.  WOW.

Ok, I think I'm done now. 

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