Wednesday, 31 December 2014

25 Days of Bloggers and My Favourite Blog of the Year

Hi Goddesses

Today we have a very special final edition of 25 Days of Bloggers.  The last blogger to be celebrated is also the lady who is my blogger of the year.

Behold, Jacki of Adventures in Acetone.

Jacki has just gone from strength to strength this year, drawing inspiration from Doctor Who and other cultdoms, her children, and amazing polishes.  She's one of the most inventive swatchers I know, and she also has an innate grasp of which colours will work well together, creating colour combos I would never have dreamt of.

So, let's do this the proper way round, THIS is why you should follow Jacki -

- amazing nail art

- fabulous nail art tutorials

- nice mix of patterns, gradients and mushes, meaning there is something for all

- amazing drawing skills

Here's Jacki, in her own words - 

Adventures In Acetone is primarily a nail art blog with some swatches and nail art tutorials thrown in. Being a mother of 2 young children, you will find my style is mostly “cutesy” and a lot of my tutorials reflect that as well. I also love Doctor Who and have done a lot of DW inspired nail art.

Let's start then with her Doctor Who and cult manis -

Doctor Who Nail Art!! #Doctorwho50th #DoctorWho #DW

Here are some of my favourite simpler , colour combo and pattern manis

And finally, here's 3 kick ass tutorials

So, all that up there is why Jacki is my blog of the year.  Endlessly inventive, more cute than you can shake a stick at, a real variety of nail art from "I can to that" to "you must be bloody joking".   She has made me shake my head in wonder more times than any other nail artist this year.  AND she's lovely.

Wanna follow Adventures In Acetone?

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