Monday, 1 December 2014

25 Days of Bloggers - A Girl and Her Polish

Hi Goddesses

Do you follow A Girl and Her Polish?   If you don't, you really should, and here's why -

- she has short nails - so nice to see a blogger with shorties!  and boy does she know how to rock them!

- she shows her manis in step-by-step order so that you can see exactly how she created them

- she's the Mistress of "Double Stamping" - this is when you layer one stamping pattern on top of another

- because of the step-by-step thing, I've learnt how to do the double stamping :)

- she also does other nail art and patterns and is also great at embellishing her stamping with colours and dots

- AND she swatches for a helluva lotta people!

Here's Katee, in her own words - 

 Katee is a self-confessed nail polish-oholic! She started blogging about her adventures in nail polish two years ago and loves it! On her blog, A Girl and Her Polish, Katee shares her nail art and reviews nail polish. She is a complete novice and has never had any sort of training. Everything she does is about her love of nail polish. Katee shows step-by-step techniques so that you at home can recreate her designs, and her nail polish reviews give her honest opinion so you don't waste your time with bad polish!

I love Katee's swatch photos, they're always so crisp and clean -



I've known Katee for yonks now, and she's one of the founding members of the Digit-al Dozen.  More than anything, I follow her for her nail art - 



Wanna follow Katee?

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