Thursday, 4 December 2014

25 Days of Bloggers - Kerruticles

Hi Goddesses

Do you follow Kerruticles?   If you don't, you really should, and here's why -

- simplicity

- one great photo - no clutter - and one classic hand pose

- Claire is a pattern Queen!  Her designs are always simple and executed with precision

- flawless photography

Here's Claire, in her own words - 

My blog consists mainly of nail art, but I do swatches sometimes too. I mainly use easily accesible UK and global brands - rather than indies - and my nail art favourites are stripes, stamping and water marbles. If I have a signature style, I'd say it's clean, crisp and quite often symmetrical. I don't know if I'm becoming known for it or not, but looking back over recent manicures, the accent nails tend to be done on the two middle fingers (and the thumbs, but I don't ever photograph those). One thing I'm probably known for is only ever taking one photograph! Lots of my followers complain (gently) that they would like to see more photos, but I just don't have the time to take and edit more than one.

Personally, I love how crisp, clean and decluttered Claire's blog is.  I also have immense admiration for her - she has found her niche and executes it PERFECTLY.   Everything she does is done with precision, and somehow, in a chaotic world, Claire's blog soothes me.

60s psychedelic swirls skittle

Pink gradient stamped nails using Barry M: Rose Hip, Dragon Fruit, Pink Punch and Pomegranate

Autumnal stripes with Barry M Autumn 2014 Gellys

 Freehand daisies over orange-red, using acrylic paints and Rimmel Sun Downer

 Purple tartan plaid nails using OPI Do You Lilac It and Barry M Plum

Navy, silver, blue fishtail

smART nails P017 big teeth using OPI Miss Universe collection

Wanna follow Claire?

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