Monday, 15 December 2014

25 Days of Bloggers - PiggieLuv

Hi Goddesses

Do you follow PiggieLuv?   If you don't, you really should, and here's why -

- hands down, the most inventive nail art blog on the planet!

- incredible designs and nail "paintings"

- this is a blog to be admired rather than emulated

- kudos - some of her nail art has taken Narmai 8 hours to do.  Now THAT'S dedication.

Here's Narmai, in her own words - 

 My blog is all about detailed hand painted nail art (sometimes glow in the dark), with the occasional 'experimental' 3D design.

Narmai is an absolutely incredible nail artist, who creates manis I can only dream of.  Prepare for your breath to be taken away.


Wanna follow Narmai ?

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