Wednesday, 17 December 2014

25 Days of Bloggers - The Polishaholic

Hi Goddesses

Do you follow The Polishaholic?   If you don't, you really should, and here's why -

- awesome swatches

- a polish lover and expert - Jen still buys a LOT of polish herself

- those fabulous in the shade, and in normal sunlight photos

- in a sea of imitators, Jen still shines brightest

Here's Jen, in her own words - 

Ah, well yes, not Jen, still me,  If you follow Jen you know she has been busy buying a new home and poshing up her pad.  But did you know she started buying herself polish as a reward for ending years of being a chronic nail biter?

The Polishaholic has always been my swatch blog of choice.  Everything that's relevant is there, and covered honestly, fairly and consistently.  You know exactly what to expect in a Polishaholic post.   Jen herself remains lovely, and how she maintains her cool in a world where she has so many imitators (some of whom have even adopted variations of her name) is beyond me.  She's worked hard to build that brand, and that's why she's the best, and STILL my go-to Swatch Blog.

Wanna follow Jen?

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