Tuesday, 9 December 2014

25 Days of Bloggers - Will Paint Nails for Food

Hi Goddesses

Do you follow Will Paint Nails for Food?   If you don't, you really should, and here's why -

- jaw-droppingly awesome nail art

- exquisite level of detail

- nails that look like mini versions of paintings that should hang in a gallery

Here's Meghan, in her own words - 

I started my blog while working on my PhD as a way to cope with the dissertation. I wasn’t very motivated in my work and my blog was something I could enjoy at the end of the day. As for my blog, I post swatches and nail art. I think my niche is freehand nail art, I do a lot of intricate and detailed stuff. I think people come to see that, even if they may not be able to recreate it. In the new year, I’d like to work on more tutorials so that people can try my designs and learn about my process. 

I've followed Meghan's blog from very near the start, and she's always been one of my favourites.  This year though, she seems to have unleashed a further level of awesome, and the stuff she's producing is incredible (if a little distressing to a fellow blogger lol).  Her understanding of light and shade makes me cry.

Oh, and she has her own polish brand - Renaissance Cosmetics - AND her own Picture Polish shade.  I can only assume she NEVER sleeps!

Faded linen roses nail art

Vintage-inspired freehand floral nail art

 Monochromatic intricate patchwork nail art

Freehand retro green leaves nail art 

Summer...and zombies nail art 

 Cone flowers freehand nail art

 Wycinanki-inspired freehand nail art


Wanna follow Meghan ?

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