Sunday, 14 December 2014

#52WPNMC Chevrons with Crows Toes I Make The Path

Hi Goddesses

It's time for a little catch-up!  It's been a busy Digital Dozen Week, so I am late posting my 52 Week Challenge stuff.  Here goes!

The first prompt last week was chevrons, which is a style I love.  They are also a great Day 2 nail art to add to an exisitng mani, which is what I did here.

On base I have the lovely Mystic Sky from The Polish Bar, a deep petrol-blue super-fine holo.

On top I then hand painted the chevrons with Crows Toes I Make The Path, an amazing sparklefest of indescribable beauty.

I then ummed and aaahed as to whether the chevrons needed edging, and in the end, decide they did, so painted an outline using Starlight by The Polish Bar.

This entire mani was so beautiful.  The tips looked like frozen ice, and I'm not sure this comes across enough in the photos.  They really glowed in a cold, glacial way.

You can NEVER not use your Crows Toes!

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