Thursday, 4 December 2014

#52WPNMC Dark Green - SLITHEEN by Above The Curve

Hi Goddesses

The colour prompt for this week's #52WPNMC is dark green, and whilst green doesn't always love me, dark greens tend to be easier for me to wear.

Today I have a beauty which was sent for review by Above The Curve Polish.    Slitheen is a dark, murky, swampy-muddy green and I kinda like it.

I love the sludginess of this polish and that it's so unfathomable - this is waaaaaaay dark green!   Despite that, the light does shine through, giving off the occasional golden glow.

There's a reptilian perfection to this polish which I love.  It's also interesting because it is built on a warm brown base rather than the colder bases we usually see with dark greens (most are pine-green green).

The Slitheen were cute things / dangerous things in Doctor Who, space invaders if you will ... so what else was I going to stamp on my nails but .... YES space invaders hahaha.

The image is from MoYou Back To the 80s 04, and the stamping is with Color Club Kismet.

Sadly, the holoeyness was a bit much for the camera, and it looks more like lime green ants marching over my nails.  Still, you get the idea!

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