Wednesday, 31 December 2014

#52WPNMC Glitter Topper with Darling Diva Menage A Trois

Hi Goddesses

A very different type of mani from me today, but perhaps one that is well timed, as it might give you a simple idea for NYE / fireworks nails - all you'll need to do is change the colour scheme.

This mani uses a base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and an OLD untried from Darling Diva - Menage A Trois.

MAT is a pink and purple glitter mix which sits in a pink jelly base.  I didn't want full coverage, so went for this hybrid mani.

This look is SO easy to achieve, and just involves blobbing your glitter onto your blobbing mat, using a small piece of make up sponge, and then dabbing the glitter on, in the places where you want it.

Sometimes less is more, and I think the half-and-half ness of this mani, really makes it stronger.

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