Saturday, 27 December 2014

Crumpet Readers Poll 2014 - Favourite Mainstream Brand

Hi Goddesses

Today we land on one of the biggies - your favourite mainstream brand.  Typically, this is usually fought over by OPI and Zoya, so let's see who you voted for this year.

First though, let me point out how very few votes China Glaze, Essie and Color Club got - less than a quarter of the winner's votes.  And let's be honest - can you even remember a single polish these brands released this year?  I remember only liking about 3 polishes from China Glaze The Giver.  Disappointing.

And so, in 3rd place .....

Zoya.   I personally think Zoya have had a much better year this year than last.  The Ignite Collection was to die for, and some of the PixieDusts have been beautiful.

In second place ....

photos courtesy of Lane's Lacquers

Barry M!!  Wow, this is a surprise and a delight, firstly to see a British brand loved in the US as well as the UK, but also to see another brand break that stranglehold from the big, established brands.

For me, Barry has had a good rather than great year.  Some truly beautiful polishes, interspersed with the usual handful of misfires.

And your winner ....

OPI ....  discuss lol.

Personally, I think OPI have had a very mixed year.   They have released some awesome - OPI Brazil - and some WTF? - Coca Cola Collection.  And wasn't there a Ford collection?????

They continue to produce standout cremes, and I still look forward to their releases with excitement, but for me there has been more quantity and less WOW this year.  Oh and too much red.  Enough with the red!!!


Me, I don't feel I've bought a lot of mainstream stuff this year.  OPI, yes.  Barry, yes.  But in order to keep my blogging mojo healthy, I haven't posted swatches.  The brand I've been most impressed with is Morgan Taylor.  If you haven't tried them yet, I really urge you to.  Great quality, and colours to swoon, drool and dribble over.

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