Sunday, 28 December 2014

Crumpet Readers Poll 2014 - Your Favourite Indie Brand

Hi Goddesses

Today, one of the most hotly fought over categories in your poll, the Indie Brand you most drool over.  This category has always been won by KBShimmer .... but no one can win 3 times, right?

Your 3rd placed indie brand is .....

Pahlish.  They've had a great year, truly great, releasing a plethora of stunning polishes, mostly in rich, vampy colours.

My only complaint?   Shannon releases too many and I can't keep up!

In second .....

Elevation!   What a classy brand.  Great price point, great colours, great variety of finishes, and a monthly release schedule.   Pure polish making-selling perfection.

And your winner ....

KBShimmer!!  Holy moly, it's 3 years in a row now, so I guess you must really like this brand hahaha.

What's not to love about KBShimmer?  Holos, yep.  Glitters, yep.  Cremes, yep.  Everything in between, yep.  Oh and mahooosive collections :)

Well done Christy, 3 in a row is a spectacular achievement.

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