Saturday, 6 December 2014

Literary Lacquers - The Community Collection 2014

Hi Goddesses

Last year, I was lucky enough to be part of Amy's first Community Collection. This year, another 8 fans and bloggers have put together a smorgasbord of holos, shimmers and glitters.

I am going to be honest.  Although there are some standouts, this is not my favourite collection Amy has put out this year.  For me it leans a little too blue / grey.  If you don't know what I mean, wait til you see how the green sears your eyeballs!

Each polish is top quality, with no application issues.  It is decidedly moody and wintry in tone - even the bright Porco Rosso is a little subdued.

Overall, there are 8 polishes, with this extra one, I Heard The Bells, the free GWP until tomorrow, 7th December.

Truth be told, it is one of my very favourites of the 9.  It's an amazingly complex and rich glitter, I am utterly in love with it.

Ok, let's get to the collection itself.  There are 2 polishes inspired by The Hunger Games, and here's the first, Effie's Trinket, a bright pinky-purple linear holo with pink shimmer, created by Heather Tharp.

This falls into that colour zone that doesn't work with my skin tone, but I actually liked this.  It's bright, light, and airy and fun to wear.  Much like Effie herself.

The second is Fallen Tributes, a deep blue linear holo with gold flakes and copper shimmer.  This is designed by Jennifer at 4Boys1Mom Lacquer (fabulous blog, you really need to follow it).

Whilst I love the composition of this polish, I would have liked the blue to be a bit darker, I think.  It's one of those medium denim blues, and for me, it lacks a little pop.

Lurid Fog was designed by Jen of XOXOJen and is a slate grey linear holo with a strong purple shimmer.

I have to say, I expected to love this a lot more.  Maybe it's just because my mood is a little too grey itself at the moment.  The violet sparks of the shimmer help bring this to life.

Porco Rosso.  Ah, I expected to love this with passion, but my passion is subdued, a little like the polish.  This is rust-bronze-copper hybrid with amazing holo and flakies.  I just expected it to be a little brighter.

It was created by Schette of SchetteEssaisBeaute.  It's described as a deep red linear holo with gold and taupe flakies.   Beautiful, yes.  Deep red, no.

Attic Mice is a creamy medium grey holo and it's very very pretty.  The holo here is super smooth and delicate, like a baby's bottom.  Kinda.  AND it does remind me of the colour of mice.

This was created by Jess Moore.

Always Winter Never Christmas is my VERY favourite of the collection.  This is icicle blue perfection, and it's designed by the lovely Kirby of The Mercurial Magpie.

The official description is a silvery blue mega glitter linear holo lol, and I have to tell you, this is sooooo gorgeous, I've worn it twice already.  The glitter in it is just genius, and it looks awesome matte, and as you'll see next week, in a gradient.  Great job Amy and Kirby.

The Ruby Thief comes from Jenne of Polished Pathology and reminds me a lot of Phenomenal Woman from last year's Community Collection.

This is sparkly and lovely, and shot through with violet, but ugh, something about my skin tone just clashes with it.  The official description of this is a ruby pink glass fleck shimmer.

Ok, NOW for Grasshopper with Cotton Candy Hair.  Can you hear that pop?  And that crackle?  There's something about this polish that is ELECTRIC, and it almost leaps out of the photo to shake you to your roots.

This was designed by Cate Cropp and what a genius job.  It's described as a bright grasshopper green linear holo with pink and blue flecks.   There's just something about this one.  Oh my god.  I think I just outed the green as the best polish in the collection.  Shit.  Did I?  Did I really do that?

This collection was sent to me for an honest review and is already available to buy HERE.  I Heard the Bells is a free gift with purchase as a mini if you spend $24 and in full size if you spend $48.  It is only available til tomorrow though, and it IS awesome, so don't miss out.

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