Sunday, 7 December 2014

My Favourite Polishes of 2013 - Where Are They Now?

Hi Goddesses


Last year, this was one of your most popular Christmas round-ups.  Looking at the polishes I had sworn undying love for the year before, and then laughing at how they had all been neglected ever since.

So here, as they say, we go again :)

Cadillacquer - Cute Poison

I *almost* chose The Dark Defender as well, but this is definitely my favourite Cadillacquer polish of the year.  Fabulous shimmer, glorious speckled glitter.  Ugh, dying.

Still utterly love this, but no, I er haven't worn it this year.  Shocker.

Chirality - The Sinking Belle

Pure, serene gorgeousness.

Pure, serene gorgeousness that I strangely have not worn this year.

Darling Diva - RuPaulogize

This only arrived on Christmas Eve, else it would definitely have been my Orange of the Year.  Blindingly jaffa-shimmer-tastically gorgeous.

Dammit - not worn!  Grrrrrr.
Jacava - Blueberry Muffin

The perfect lilac creme.

Ok, a minor amount of smugness here.  I know I've used in nail art.  Hurrah!


Bubble Yummo

Pinks don't come any hotter than this.

And this, I've used this in nail art too.  Woohoooo, on a roll laydeeeeees, On A Roll.

Ruby Slippers

If you want to buy just *one* red holo, this is your girl.

Or not.  Nope, not worn.  Or used.  Or even stroked.


Greatest Treasures

Technically released at the end of 2012, this burnt orangey coral holo is one of my very faves of the year.

Nope not used.  This is because it is so beautiful I want to preserve it forever more in its virgin state.  Ahem.

If It Pleases You

A stunning purple holo - this is the polish that heralded the moment Amy "arrived" as a polishmaker.

See, this was why I invented the GOT challenge, so that all these polishes could be reworn.  Glad to know I was successful.  Not worn #facepalm

Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster

Colour?  Check.  Holo?  Check.  Flecking?  Check.  Perfect?  CHECK.

I do believe I have worn this this year.  Maybe.  Shit a brick.  I suck.  I am so about the new.  And the shiny.  Ah, the new shiny things .....


This super bright blue is so versatile.

Nooooo.  Moving on.


She made me love a dark green!

Yes, yes, I've worn it more than once!  Sadly, both times were last year.   Slaps self round face.


An utterly glorious dark red.

Don't even ask.


Can't Find My Czechbook

The perfect turquoise.

Wellllll, my blog labelling system tells me I haven't worn this in 2014.  What can I say?  Blogger's labelling system SUCKS!

My Vampire Is Buff

I am sure this has a whole chapter to itself in Nail Art 101.  The perfect base polish.

Oh dear lord.  Yes yes YES a million times yes.  So many useds.  :)  Happy Dance!

Smitten Polish - Naiad

Glorious blue with sublime shimmer.

No.  You're gonna have to bite me.

The Polish Bar - City of Lights

Dark, devious teal holo - magnificent.

Crap in a bucket.  Maybe next year all my November manis will have to be on my fave polishes of 2014, yes?

Too Fancy Lacquer - Champagne Cocktail

Not my favourite *colour* by this brand, but utterly exquisite in its composition, this is the one I've been wearing most - it stamps majestically.

Noooooo.  Now I was really confident I'd do lots of stamping with this one.  Maybe not putting it with the stamping polishes scuppered its chances, huh?

w7 - Fuchsia

Cheap as chips and bright as the sun.  No summer is complete without it.

Erm .....?  Well I've worn a lot of fuchsias actually.  Sorry?  Oh, this *particular* one?  Ah .. erm, is that my doorbell?  Sorry, gotta gooooo ....

Ok, so our 2 year experiment has conclusively proved that I am SHIT at re-wearing older polishes.  I am sure it has nothing to do with new stuff being on the desk and within easy reach, and the other polishes being *behind* me and therefore a footstep away.

I did re-sort them all and video them for you?  Does that count?

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