Friday, 26 December 2014

Powder Perfect Mysterium Magnum Collection Part 2 - Griffon, Lorelei and Lycanthrope

Hi Goddesses

I hope Christmas treated you supremely well and that you spent valuable time with your loved ones.  It's still a few days til I get Beth back, so I'm spending those blogging so that we have loads of sofa and snuggle time when she gets back :)

Now, just before Christmas I showed you 3 amazing polishes from the new Mysterium Magnum Collection - HERE - and today I have the other 3.  If you're looking to use any cash you got for Christmas, I can't think of many more gorgeous shops to spend it in.

First up we have Griffon.  I'm going to be honest, I didn't want to take this one off.  Ostensibly a Victorian, melodramatic holo, this becomes vicious in the light.

Now, photography is tricky.  To get the best lighting, sometimes the details get washed away, but you can see in some of these photos the secret green micro glitter that infuses this with the tales of a 1000 dragons.

Trust me, this one's spectacular.

There's a little bit of that washed-out-ness going on with Lorelei, and I think I am going to need to wear her again, with matte top coat to truly show you her beauty.

Lorelei is an incredibly deeply pigmented lilac, suffused with colour-shifting micro flakies.

All of these polishes hide a secret.  On the surface, they are "just" gorgeous.  What I really love is the extra layers of creativity which aren't initially visible to the naked eye.

And finally Lycanthrope.  This is SO hard to describe.  It's more than what's in the bottle - this one is a magical potion.

In the bottle this is a charcoal-ed plum.  On the nail, as you can see, it turns a steely colour, shape-shifting at will.

Get it in the RIGHT light though and you suddenly find a holy grail.  A holographic steely-green to purple duochrome.  It was more in obvious in indirect light, but I hate taking photos in the bathroom, but this comes to life when the purple and the green co-exist.  

All 6 polishes were sent to me for an honest review, and they all fall into my favourite category of - "oooh, so much going on".   I am currently really drawn to polishes which hide their depth or have multiple layers, and Powder Perfect accomplishes that with aplomb.

Powder Perfect can be bought HERE. I already own a fair few - seriously, there is a LOT of beauty to check out there, so don't go unless you're prepared to spend!

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