Saturday, 27 December 2014

Review of the Year 2014 - Cool and New Discoveries

Hi Goddesses

Today we celebrate the good stuff, the shiny shiny new things that have excited me this year.  It's NOT a post of my favourite products or best brands, but rather the new things I have discovered this year.

First up we have Morgan Taylor.  I have to blame Leslie from WPP for introducing me to this brand, but wow is it gorgeous.

Stunning colours, perfect formula - everything you want a polish to be.  I predict lots more of these in my future :)


The perfect nail art brush is the holy grail.  Whilst it's clearly not true, I am sure nail artists who are better than me have exclusive access to secretly skinny brushes with miniscule bristles.  

I have bought A LOT of nail brushes over the last 3 years, and this year finally happened upon some that made me happy.  I am still not perfect, but these are the ones giving me the best resuts at the moment.

From the top down we have - 
Edinburgh Realism ER-050
Edinburgh Realism ER-030
24 Dance
21 Dance
All 4 of these brushes are available HERE.

The bottom 3 are all from Winstonia - in size 0, 00 and 000.

NAYLL is a brand I was invited to review earlier this year, and I love it.  It's such a COOL concept.  Pick your bases, shimmers and glitters and literally make your own polish.  Fab for gifts, teens and those of us who maybe feel we've seen it all and could do better, or are sick of searching for that perfect glitter that doesn't exist.

Nail Vinyls is one of the hits of the year, and whilst it's the name of a brand, it's also a generic term.  I have bought from at last 3 suppliers this year, and I am pleased to see this area getting more adventurous.

I think vinyls and stencils are only going to get bigger next year, and I celebrate anything that gives people a better chance of creating cool nail art.

Colourless Art Masking Fluid.  Say what?   Earlier this year I started hearing about some sort of painters fluid that you could paint around the nail and then just peel off.  I was beyond excited, not only for how easy that would make gradients, but also because even stamping can sometimes be a messy job.

After a few false starts, this is the one I have been using.  It takes a couple of minutes to dry and peels off beautifully.  It's also about 73 times cheaper than Liquid Palisades.

Loki's Nail Aprons.   Again, clean-up heaven and such a cool idea.

I've also loved OPI Matte Top Coat, and couldn't live without my Zoya Remove.

I'm also glad I finally widened my stamping plate collection and bought from Vivid Lacquer and Messy Mansion - fabulous quality.

Here's to some great new stuff in 2015.

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