Thursday, 11 December 2014

The Digit-al Dozen DOES Winter Wonderland - The Life and Death of a Snowman

Hi Goddesses

I love manis which tell a story.  Usually, I am not clever enough to tell them, but this time, I had a cunning plan lol.

Behold, AGAIN, Huckleberry by Barry M and its icy perfection.  It made the perfect washed out winter sky.

The mani shows the snowman and how he comes to life in the snowstorm, and then melts / dies in the wintry sun.

On the thumb, he's just a few half-hearted large snowballs, left overnight by the children.  Later, they roll the huge body ball.

By the middle nail he is born, with a top hat, scarf, arms and coal / stones and a carrot nose.

But oh no!  The sun starts to shine and he melts to the right lol, before finally wobbling into a heap on the pinkie.  

Aw, poor Mr Snowman.

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