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Your Thoughts on The Crumpet

Hi Goddesses

This is the post where I blush, cry with pride and generally feel all warm and fuzzy cos you said mostly nice stuff about me!   Lol.  One of the big reasons I do the end of year poll is because it's a great time to check whether you enjoy what I put out there, or whether it needs another spin.

So here goes - and by the way, some of you were hilarious!

The Writing

Thank you thank you thank you.  What most of you seem to enjoy most about this blog is the writing, which is perfect, because that's what I enjoy too!  Writing is when I feel free, and I am proud to be a blog that people read - thank you.

Your writing is from the heart! 
The way it's written.  I like the way you write about polishes and your personality really comes through.
I love your writing style and the sense of "you" I get from reading your blog! 
Your conversational tone, it really feels like I'm talking with a friend when I read your posts. I also love that you're never afraid to come out and say what needs to be said about something or a differing opinion than others- I really respect that! You more than anyone else are my blogging idol, for sure. 
writing.  Most other bloggers describe polishes by color, formula, finish.  You give each polish a personality, a character.  Whether I love or hate the color you're showcasing, I always look forward to seeing how you describe it!


You've loved the Simples series, which is great.  The good news for you is that I do plan for it to be back next year.  It got lost this past 2 months in a haze of too much blogging and a problem with my YouTube account.  It WILL be back.

I love the Simples series this year. Not just here but branching out to the other blogs.  Great idea! 
Simples & destashing videos
I like your simple nail art (because I suck at it!) and swatches.  I've enjoyed watching you sort your stash as well, but partially because I just love your accent!

More Simples!

The Secret Diary of a Polishaholic

Again, you've loved this series, and that's good cos I LOVE IT TOO!!   It gives me great pleasure to write it - I just need to set some time aside.  It WILL be back :)

I love your writing and bring back your polishaholic beginnings, please!

Apparently, I'm a Nutter 

Lol.  I know it, and I'm glad you know it too.  I am a positive person (when I am not depressed lol) and I like my fun!

the enthusiasm seeps out of every post
I like that it's not focussed on pefection but fun!

your down to earth-ness, feels like talking to a friend

What Do You Mean I Am Not Perfect?

This is something you highlighted to me a year or so ago, and that I hadn't considered.  It seems I am the poster girl for the B-team :)   I am not a big believer in perfection (it's over-rated, unsustainable AND exhausting), so I am really glad that so many of you find that a GOOD thing.

I like your honesty and that you aren't perfect!  It's makes you REAL!  <3
I love that you see yourself as a work in progress - it may not be perfect, no one is or should be, but you discuss it. 
You celebrate imperfection 

..  but I do appreciate when I see a swatch on one blog whose pictures are flawless, and then I can come here and see what it's really like!  I love (blog) but she makes everything look perfect.  If it sucks, you're going to tell us and you aren't going to doctor your pictures to make it look amazing if it isn't!  <3


Apparently you want more stamping.  That's ok, it's not like I don't have the plates to accomodate this lol.

More stamping would be nice but I'm a dedicated stamping addict!

moar stamping, please :D

Some Other Comments

bringing back the contests for the small fish! lol.. - this is a really good comment, and I love the idea of bringing back the nail art contests.  However, it was just so much work picking the winner, and it made the end of the month feel like a "I've got to do this" experience.  I love the concept, I just found it hard work.

More off topic or rant posts :) Off topic we can do.  Rant?  Moi?  Lol.   I would like to do more editorial pieces, but for me to rant, something really has to light my fire.  In life, I try not to get to that ranty stage, so .... noted, but not sure what will happen here.

comparison posts - yep, I can do those.  There will definitely be a series on my holos, with comparisons, and then we'll see where we go from there.

pictures of your cat - ah, Bluebelle.  Yeh, trouble is, she's not a cutie cat.  She doesn't lollop in adorable poses or do much that makes you melt.  I'll try, but no promises.  She's not a giver!  But here's one for now from when she a ickle kitten :)

ones about Beth :)  Don't tell her that!  Lol.  Beth's love of polish waned CONSIDERABLY this year, but she seems to be getting it back.  Like a lot of children, she is wildly enthusiastic one minute and then all "meh" the next.  She is very keen to be involved, so stay tuned.

I like it all. Probably my least favorite posts are the indie polishes since they aren't readily available at the drugstore. I do like seeing them though and drooling over them. But I do prefer drugstore and over the counter polish posts over the indie ones.   I find this a really interesting comment.  It's something I hadn't considered before, but once I read it, it really hit me in the face as very obvious and very true.   I will see what I can do.  My polish buying habits have changed dramatically in the last 18 months - swaps have stopped because of Royal Mail rules, and that has meant I have less "normal" US polishes to play with.  Hopefully you might get your fix through the comparison posts.

Indie holos (sorry, I know you love them!)  Lol, I doooo, but I know what you mean.  Even I am a bit / lot holo-ed out.  Unfortunately every indie maker in the world jumped on the holo bandwagon, and with reason - they are still the biggest selling type of indie polish (with the unfathomable exception of white polish with coloured glitters in it).  I am hoping the indies mix it up a bit next year.  Plus, most of what I get sent for review comes from indies rather than mainstream brands.  Still, they provide good content for those future holo comparison posts!

I'm a wolf, a lone wolf

Apparently, now that I am back, I am different.  I hadn't realised it was obvious, but apparently it is, altho these comments may have come from those of you who know me more through FB groups.

You influence me to post what I want and to do the nail art that I want to do

I love that you always post what you want now, it's truly inspirational!

And then, just for fun, I asked you to try and describe The Crumpet in 15 words or less - here are some of your replies -

Beautiful pictures with honest from the heart writing!
Bubbly cheery hodge-podge of all things nails-related.
Nail art, swatches and reviews, humour and entertainment. 
Down to earth, friendly chat about everything nailicious and more :-) 
Colourful , fun, informative and just a little bit barmy!
zany redhead who loves her daughter and books!
The Crumpet is Debbie and Debbie is The Crumpet. I love the fact it has a voice!
Truthful, impeccable swatches with good information (and lighting!)
fun nail art from a real person on real nails.
A funny, irrevererent, and intelligent blog about the nail polish, life and insanity.  Also, British.
The nail blog that makes me smile
She is witty, wise and a wicked writer.  (Was feeling alliterative!)
brilliant reviews and representative swatches, a blogger you can trust.

come for the nail art, stay for the writing!  You are far and away the best nail polish describer / characterizer in the nail blogosphere.

Once again, I want to thank you for all being there.  Every day, I get a little thrill when I see people have read my post, commented on it, liked it, shared it, and I am so very grateful for you.  You are possibly the best blog followers in the blogosphere - you've given me a massive amount of support and encouragement this year, and been there when I really needed you, and I genuinely thank each and every one of you.

Here's to lots more fun in 2015!

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