Thursday, 1 January 2015

31DC2015 - Day 1 - Follow A Tutorial and Review of Nail Art Idiot's Guide by Emily The Lacquerologist

Hi Goddesses

It's here!  The new 31 Day Challenge is here!  Hopefully, it's full of enough new and different prompts to encourage you to take part, and it's still not to late to join us HERE.   Here's the full list of prompts we have coming up.

Those of you who know me or read this blog a lot know that I have mental challenges lol, and creating this mani was one such example.    Follow a tutorial, follow a tutorial .....  I search pinterest, YouTube, nothing catches my eye.   I look up.  What's that?  Oh yeh, the Idiot's Guide to Nail Art I am supposed to be reviewing for my friend Emily, which features 75 tutorials.  DOH!

A few things about the book first - I really like it.  I love the layout, the fact it's divided into simple / intermediate / advanced types of nail art.   I love how each page has the same layout - side photo and all the tools you need on the left -

Step by step instructions on the right.

So, so surface, so good.  But does it actually work?  I chose an intermediate design to try it out - this is Poppy Floral from page 118-9.

The first few steps were really easy -

Then I added the petals - tip.  THINK ABOUT IT.  Pick the right green, not just one that's lying on your desk.  Bad Crumpet!

And I also didn't do so well with those wispy bits.  I think mostly that was to do with having my hand at a strange angle, or maybe not leaving enough room on the nail for them.

So how does my version compare to Emily's?

Not too bad.  I really like my version, and other than the wispy bits, I'm really happy with it.  Hers is definitely more professional though!

I should also add that Emily's book contains all sorts of other info too - nail care, resources - you name, it's in here.  Although she's a friend, I'll always be honest, and I do think this is a great book for a nail art novice.  Emily always manages to make things look simple, and there are some really cool looks in here that are effortless to do.

By day, you can find Emily's blog HERE and her book is available on Amazon from tomorrow.  If you're in the UK, the link is HERE, and the book is priced just £10.92.

Emily's book was sent to me for an honest review.

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