Sunday, 11 January 2015

31DC2015 Day 10 - Glitter Base

Hi Goddesses

This mani makes me a little sad.  It's one of the first I did for the challenge - and look, an index finger I don't need to be ashamed of :(  It really bums me out  that I've had to do the bulk of this challenge with a hideous nail.

Anyway, that gorgeous glitter is Faerie by Powder Perfect, a superpink glitter bomb, and I stamped over it with MoYou Kaleidoscope 06.

Kaleidoscope 06 is fast becoming one of my very favourite nail plates - I love the images on it.  They're fancy and interesting, but "gappy" enough to let the base shine through.

Originally (and you can just about see this on the index nail), I wanted to stamp this in a mixture of pink and white, but the pink just wouldn't show against the base.  No drama though - I still love how this turned out.

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