Tuesday, 13 January 2015

31DC2015 Day 13 - Inspired by Pinterest

Hi Goddesses

Like a lot of people, I spend "some" time on pinterest :)  I also tend to be really good at collecting inspiration, but then not actually doing anything about it, so today's prompt gave me plenty of choice.

triangles - ashley g

I eventually picked out this image (by Ashleyg on flickr), and used 3 lovely Elevation Polishes -

- on base, Elevation Polish Limestone
- that amazing pink is Elevation Polish Purple Queen Anthias
- and then the world's dreamiest lilac, Elevation Polish Tavan Bog'd

This is one of my favourite nail art designs I've ever done.  It's not perfect, but the brushwork is more ambitious, and those 3 colours are just MADE to be used together.

I need to spend a moment purring about Purple Queen Anthias.  It is just STUNNING.  The intensity of the colour is amazing, and honestly, I can see me using my bottle up this year.  Utterly gorgeous, which is why I snuck it into my favourite polishes of 2014.

Overall, the blend of these 3 colours was quite inspirational for me!  I can easily imagine a whole week's worth of manis .....  ;)

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