Wednesday, 14 January 2015

31DC2015 Day 14 - Holo with Literary Lacquers Rebecca, Always Rebecca

Hi Goddesses

Today's prompt is holo and I used it as an excuse to use a stunning holo I was sent for review by Literary Lacquers.

Rebecca, Always Rebecca is beyond words.  It is sublime perfection, from the colour, to the holo, to the added sparkle.

I love many things about this polish, but what I love most is that it is the holy grail of purples:  all things.  It has a brown base, but the holo and sparkle has a cold blue shift, making it every shade of twilight.

The dazzle on this one is also high.  Never mind the perfection of the colour, the perfection of the sparkle is also to die for.  This just overtook If It Pleases You as my favourite Literary Lacquers purple.

For the holo prompt, I decided some holo on holo action was required, and added a spiral of Literary Lacquers Shadow Between Us.

In some lights, it's hard to pick up the subtelty of what's going on here, but in the best lights, you get a kind of galactic spiral, which I find super cool.

Either way, both these polishes are stellar.  Don't forget to go and check our Literary Lacquers HERE.

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