Monday, 19 January 2015

31DC2015 Day 19 - Fire

Hi Goddesses

I have a very morbid fear of fire.  It terrifies me - ever since I saw The Towering Inferno when I was 8.   Dying by fire scares me - probably because I was burnt at the stake in a previous life.

Anyway, during the summer, we did a lot of burning of stuff in the garden, and I learnt to light the fire, feed it, bring it back to life.  What I also noticed, is how different fire can look - not like those flame shapes on stamping plates - but like a ripple, shot through with black.

So I decided to do layered water spotting.  After my disaster on Day 3, I was keen to try it again, and this time I was armed with acetone!

I started with Barry M Mustard and then wiped on some Essie Orange It's Obvious.   I then spotted with Barry M Blood Orange and once that was dry, spotted again with black.

I really like the finished effect, and how glassy it is under the gloss.  I like how it more closely resembles the dangerousness of fire.

I also took a few photos before I did my clean up - my fingers really did look burnt and ghastly.

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