Friday, 2 January 2015

31DC2015 Day 2 - TAPE MANI with Literary Lacquers Shadow Between Us

Hi Goddesses

Ah, the good ole tape mani! Love it on others, not so keen on doing it on me lol.  Actually, that's not true, I am VERY keen on doing it on me, but so much involves getting the "right" sort of tape.  Anyway, back to that in a mo.

Let's talk about the base, which was sent to me for review.  This is Shadow Between Us by Literary Lacquers and it's INSANELY gorgeous.

You may remember me whinging about the world having too many holos in my end of year posts - well, that doesn't apply to LL because look what she does to them - she adds MAGIC!!

This is one of the sparkliest polishes I own.  I love how it twinkles, and I love how in the right light you can see those amazing small glitters in it.  Super gorgeous.

For my tape mini I chose 3 Indigo Bananas polishes - 

- Indigo Bananas Twice As Bright (pink)
- Indigo Bananas Electric Unicorns (lilac)
- Indigo Bananas Halcyon (purple)

Ok, let's talk tape.  Here I am using some nail vinyls from She Sells Seashells, and for me, I am finding that the vinyls have a much better level of stickiness than normal tape.

I struggle using the super thin tape on a roll, as it never wants to stick to anything other than my fingers or clothes - GET ON THE NAIL - and my other tapes can be hit and miss too.

These chevrons were really easy to use, and the only dodgy part was that the lovely Twice As Bright wasn't particularly opaque, so it was a bit of an eeeek experience to try and get it opaque enough without messing up the mani.

Overall, I really love this one.

The Literary Lacquers polish was sent to me for review and can be purchased HERE.

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