Tuesday, 20 January 2015

31DC2015 Day 20 - Rainbow

Hi Goddesses

I had a mixture of ideas for this one, and wasn't sure which way to go, and then I remembered THIS amazing mani from my DD alum, Hannah, from Dalai Llama Nails.

I loved the simplicity and the originality of this mani, plus the messy ikat design.

I chose my rainbow of colours - 

Powder Perfect Lorelei
Barry M Blueberry
Barry M Spring Green
Barry M Yellow
Essie Orange It's Obvious
Barry M Blood Orange

This is such a simple but gorgeous mani.  Super easy to do - shaggy brush strokes is all that's required.

I loved Hannah's matte version, but I think I might prefer the glossy version even more.  This just screams happiness to me.

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