Saturday, 24 January 2015

31DC2015 Day 24 - Decals

Hi Goddesses

Decals.  Oh boy oh boy oh boy.  I've tried them once or twice before, and it wasn't good lol.  But they look so amazing on every one else!  How is this possible!  So I put the prompt in the challenge to force me to have another go.  Yeh, still not good.

Since I did this mani, I have received the wise counsel of some friends, so I hope my NEXT attempt will be better.

I used the decals on a plastic bag method, and here were my problems -

- I don't think I used the right colours
- you can see my brushstrokes :(
- the decal was quite brittle and tore in a couple of places as I put it on the nail (you can see this best on the middle nail)
- oh clean up - mess mess mess

So if I hate it so much, why am I blogging it?  Well, because we all start somewhere.  Maybe it's your first decal attempt, and yours look like shit too, or maybe in a few months I'll be awesome at it, and we'll be able to laugh at this post and learn where it was all going wrong.

That said, I love the base, which was a semi-splodge of Barry M Lemon Ice Cream and Sugar Apple, the plate (Vivid Lacquer 036), and I love how the matte top coat made the whole design look a little like fabric.

First step next time - pick better colours!

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