Tuesday, 27 January 2015

31DC2015 Day 27 - Recreate One of Your Old Manis

Hi Goddesses

Recreating old stuff is a great way to measure your progress, or just have a more educated attempt at something that didn't quite work the way you wanted it to the first time.

I was, literally, spoilt for choice, and didn't know how I was going to pick just one, so in the end I let my RANDOM POST button do the work, and just sat there clicking til it settled on something appropriate.

I was semi-happy with the original mani.  Whilst I loved the pin which inspired it, I wasn't totally happy with my finished version, mainly because the teeny dots weren't very uniform.

I decided to redo it in a different colour scheme and I love it SO much more this time.  The base is still OPI My Vampire Is Buff, and this time the large dots are from Elevation Polish Aconcagua, a sublime jaffa holo with real depth.  The micro dots were added with "watered down" Barry M Blood Orange.

So why do I feel this one works better?  Seriously, I think it's the orange.  The originally colour scheme was very subdued, and whilst I loved the base dots, the tiny dots didn't LIFT the mani.

And now I can't wait to do this in blue :)

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